I hold a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Arkansas State University; class of 2002. My course work at the university included advanced mathematics and physics. My area of focus was in language compilers.


Since 2001 I have lead developer teams, managed projects, and developed various software applications for small and large companies in the Central Arkansas area. My particular area of expertise is in web development and Internet software applications.

Over the years I have contributed to several open source projects. I have also had articles published in Linux Journal, and was a regular contributor to Linux.com in 2007-2008. I posses advanced expertise in system automation, cross platform integration, system architecture, embedded systems, and language compilers.

During my years as a developer I have gained experience and skills in other areas such as web design, graphic artistry, sales, video production, and composition.

My toolbox includes…

  • Advanced PHP development
  • Advanced Python development
  • Advanced Java development
  • Advanced Perl development
  • Advanced Visual Basic development
  • Intermediate C, C++, C#, Ruby development
  • Advanced experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Intermediate Oracle, MS SQL Server development
  • Advanced Linux systems administration


Accomplished software developer, with extensive experience in web development and interface design. Specialties include development of data driven web tools, desktop to Internet integration via web services, intuitive and usable web and desktop interfaces. Excellent written and verbal skills on technical and non-technical topics. Agile minded and creative, can grasp new concepts quickly and effectively.


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